Nashville interior designer Caroline Weigel

CAROLINE WEIGEL started her independent interior design firm, Caroline Weigel Design, in 2015.

Originally from Atlanta, Caroline has completed projects across the southeast including commercial, hospitality and residential. She has led some of Nashville’s highest-profile design projects and participated in many Showcase Homes around town.

With a strong background in residential construction, Caroline works closely with architects and contractors to ensure the finished project aligns with your vision. Caroline will help specify and select materials from paint to trim, plumbing to light fixtures, fabrics to furnishings. As a result, Caroline helps create spaces that are both beautiful and functional—spaces you will enjoy for years to come.

Caroline lives in Nashville with her husband, Wes, and their two children.

You can connect with Caroline on
Instagram and by phone at (615) 332-5954.



Jones Road Kitchen
Jones Road Kitchen
Johnson Ferry Road Kitchen
Jones Road Bath
Smartt Drive Master Bath
Jones Road Powder Room
Smartt Drive II Bath
Smartt Drive II Kitchen
Smartt Drive II Bath


Nashville Lifestyles

“The kitchen didn’t flow effectively for cooking. An oddly shaped, short island wasn’t especially functional, and the tiny bar stools weren’t comfortable. Weigel turned that around.”

—Stephanie Stewart, Nashville Lifestyles

“To say the massive kitchen is one of the stars of the home doesn’t give it its due. It may be the North Star of kitchens! (Former) Castle Homes’ in-house designer, Caroline Weigel, pulled out all the stops here.”

—Kathy Sandler,

“Caroline Weigel is a beautifully smart, talented and tastefully decisive Interior Designer. She can be trusted to design a plan, create a budget, execute the work, stay on budget and complete the design above expectations on any small or large scale projects you can throw at her.”


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You can also connect with Caroline on Instagram and by phone at (615) 332-5954.

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